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Birkin Logo

Creating Positive Change.

At Birkin, we are dedicated to tackling climate change and accelerating sustainable development. Our vision centers on achieving the following aims.

Net zero

Continually reducing emissions, with the goal of reaching net zero by 2035.

Net zero

Promote sustainability

Inspiring positive behavioral changes within our workforce to promote sustainability.


Support our suppliers

Supporting our suppliers on their path towards net zero emissions.


Reduce impact

Collaborating with stakeholders to reduce our overall impact on the environment.



Reducing our scope 1 & 2 organisational emissions by 7% annually up to 2030, as part of our active efforts to combat climate change.


Developing a climate-positive workforce by reducing emissions and implementing carbon-neutral service delivery.


Offsetting the emissions of our team's professional and personal lives, ensuring accountability for our environmental impact.

NCZ gold certified

Driving Sustainable Practices for a Greener Tomorrow.

As part of our environmental objectives, we are committed to achieving the following targets:

Making a Difference.



charity initiatives year to date since June 2022.



trees since January 2023.



in the number of electric vehicles between 2020 and 2022.



local food banks.



of employees on the WageStream programme providing financial support and savings advice.



hours employee volunteer participation since January 2023.


Sustainable Practices:  Innovative Initiatives for a Sustainable Tomorrow.

At Birkin, we are continually introducing sustainable practices to reduce our environmental footprint. Some of our key initiatives include: - Hire Equipment: We use hired equipment to increase longevity and positively impact the circular economy, from design to disposal. - Video Calling Technology: By adopting video calling technology, we save the equivalent of 7 field engineers, resulting in 57.4 tonnes of carbon saved annually. - Electric Vehicles: Our management teams use electric vehicles or public transport in London, reducing emissions. We pledge to have a fully Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) fleet by 2025. - OES Vortex One: Our reusable spray bottles, made from 100% recycled milk bottles in the UK, save 20kg of plastic & 1.7 kg of carbon emissions compared to 750ml RTU bottles. - Engaging the Supply Chain: We collaborate with our supply chain to access and influence the management and reduction of broader scope 3 emissions.


Climate Initiatives and Partnerships: Planting the Seeds of Change.

As part of our commitment to the neutralcarbonzoneTM certification, we are proud to run the Tree in a Million Campaign. Through this initiative, we plant trees in the UK to help cool and clean our air, lock up carbon, reduce flooding, and provide sustainable raw materials. Our ISO 14001 certification ensures effective management processes to measure our organizational and operational emissions, including all greenhouse gases covered under good practice reporting. In Phase 3 of our carbon management program (Q1 2023), we revitalized our supply chain compliance program, facilitated collective action to communicate this essential aspect of our operations.

Waste Management

Waste Reduction and Eco-friendly Practices: Sustainable Solutions in Action.

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond emissions reduction. Birkin takes a comprehensive approach to reduce waste, minimise energy consumption, and promote eco-friendly practices: - Streamlined Product Range: We maintain a streamlined product range, reducing packaging, energy, and waste. - First-Time Cleaning: Our aim is to ensure first-time cleaning to avoid rework and minimise wastage. - Eco-friendly Equipment: We use eco-friendly equipment to reduce our environmental impact. - Minimising Deliveries: We endeavor to keep deliveries of consumables to a minimum, reducing transportation-related emissions. - Training Staff on Environmental Awareness: We train our staff to be environmentally conscious and to minimise our impact on the environment.

Through a meticulous understanding of the emissions associated with each cleaning hour we provide, we effectively manage and communicate the environmental impact of our operations.

Environmental Awareness Training

We provide training to our staff on environmental awareness and sustainable practices.

Speak Up Policy

We encourage employees to participate in climate action and multiply our impact through the Speak Up Policy.

Support for Employee Well-being

We prioritise the mental and physical health and well-being of our employees to foster engagement, loyalty, and productivity.

Financial Support

We have introduced the Wagestream application for our Teams which gives the opportunity to draw down on their wages to avoid the use of pay day loan companies which could have led them down a very stressful path.

Empowering Our Team for a Sustainable Tomorrow.

Team Birkin

Social Value and Community Engagement.

Our commitment to social value is rooted in the belief that businesses should actively contribute to the social and economic well-being of the communities they serve. Key social value objectives at Birkin include:

Gytis Birkin BICSc

Investment in Work and Training Opportunities

Providing work and training opportunities for young people and hard-to-reach groups, creating pathways to employment and empowering individuals.

Food Cycle Volunteering

Community Engagement and Support

Actively engaging with the local community, supporting events, sponsoring initiatives, and volunteering activities that benefit the community and promote social cohesion.

Canal Clean Up

Environmental Sustainability

Prioritising environmental sustainability by implementing eco-friendly practices, reducing waste, and promoting energy efficiency.

Lasting Impact

Building a Better Future.

ncz certified gold

We firmly believe that by taking responsible and proactive actions, we can create a cleaner and more sustainable future for generations to come.

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