Public Sector Cleaning

Birkin fully understands that each public sector contract must justify their budget spend.  We also appreciate that, not only are many contracts extremely large and multi-sited, but that many also require additional services over and above daily cleaning.  Not only do we provide high quality, cost-effective and sustainable solutions, bespoke to the needs of each individual client, but we also take ownership for all additional public cleaning services.

We pride ourselves on being an innovative and forward-thinking services provider, offering new solutions to improve each contract and enhance value for money.  We also promote collaborative working to ensure we achieve each client’s objectives and principles. 

Our public sector cleaning portfolio has continued to expand across the UK through our ability to demonstrate: 

  • How we build partnerships based on trust, honesty and open communication.
  • How we fully engage with our cleaning teams to ensure they are supported and encouraged to fulfil their potential.
  • Our implementation of cleaning methodologies devised to cover all types of buildings and their respective uses.  This includes Civic Centre Offices; Community Centres; Libraries; Youth Centres; Housing; Care Homes; Sheltered Accommodation; Public Toilets; Parks and Pavilions; Training Centres and, of course, educational establishments.
  • The ability to offer a full range of cleaning services including high access window cleaning, waste management, pest control and reactive specialist cleaning.
  • Ongoing flexibility of our cleaning services to meet our clients’ changing needs. 
  • A best-value offering with the ability to identify opportunities to reduce costs through greater economies of scale, technology and innovation.
  • The delivery of social value that will benefit the authority or borough. 
  • Ownership of service promises from empowered local management teams.
  • Systems and processes to enable our teams to operate in an effective and safe manner, working around the public operation.
  • How we equip our teams with the most effective and modern equipment and chemicals.
  • How we fully embrace technology across our business to work smarter and more efficiently, maximising the time we spend with our cleaning teams and clients.
  • How we provide our clients with meaningful and measurable performance data to allow them to easily see we are delivering to expectation.
  • Our passion to be the best - reflected in our research, trials, and introduction of first-class systems, technology and equipment, to provide our clients with a best in class service.  
  • Our focus on providing a sustainable service with a clear commitment to reducing the impact of our operations on the environment, including but not limited to reduction initiatives on water, energy, emissions, paper, chemicals and single-use plastics.

We are proud that our passion to be the best and commitment to providing genuine value has enabled us to work with some of the UK’s largest local authorities and we would be delighted to have the opportunity to demonstrate how Birkin’s public cleaning services could be of benefit for you.


Recent testimonial about our public cleaning services:

“I just wanted to drop you a quick line to formally record my thanks and gratitude, to you and your brilliant team of cleaners, who have continued to provide an excellent level of service at the Civic centre, during what are extremely challenging times. 

It’s much appreciated, by both the management and staff who are still required to work within the building”.

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