Construction Cleaning

At Birkin, we hit our deadlines. This is essential in the construction sector. Even the best-run sites have to adjust their schedules at times, and we have learned to be very flexible. That’s why our exceptional construction cleaning and after builders cleaning services cater to the 24/7 demands of construction sites. We’re here to work with you.

The construction cleaning sector is an area that has seen significant growth over the last 18 months. Our experienced team have built long-lasting partnerships based on the quality of their workmanship, an approach that has been well received by all of our clients. We provide cleaning during and after the construction process, to ensure that your new building is spick and span.

It takes hard work to build something great (and even more work to make sure it’s clean). That’s why we’re very proud to be working with the likes of Willmott Dixon, Sir Robert McAlpine, and many others on their new projects. 


The Builders Clean

Construction projects are a messy business. That’s why a comprehensive post-construction cleaning regime is required – to remove all the debris and dust that’s generated during a building project. Keeping on top of construction cleaning is beneficial to everyone:

  • It gets rid of dust in the air and removes debris that could cause potential hazards.
  • First impressions count. Lots of people might view the project in progress so it’s important that the initial image is positive. It will also help you and the client see the building in its best light.
  • It’s easier to start the next phase of work with a clean site, ensuring fast and efficient installations.

The Sparkle Clean

This is also referred to as a “handover clean” or “after builders clean”. This process takes place right at the end of a project. The cleaning team are the very last people to enter the building before the client moves in - and they’re the ones you want. The Birkin team prioritise attention to detail so that you can make a real impact. 

The benefits of these cleans are significant - it will be the cleanest you’ll ever see your project and our team will manage everything so professionally that you won’t need to get involved. Your client will soon be moving into a clean, tidy, and shiny new building.

Health and Safety

Health and safety gone mad? We’re not so sure. As part of the stringent health and safety procedures at Birkin, we always undertake our own detailed risk assessment to ensure all our staff are aware of the potential hazards. We work very closely with site managers to prevent accidents and ensure we are all working to the same safety guidelines.


Recent testimonial about our construction cleaning services:

"Birkin are now a Tier 1 supplier, that is a great achievement and demonstrates that you are one of our best performing suppliers."

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