Social Purpose

Birkin create safe, secure and hygienic spaces for society to thrive in a diverse range of environments.

As an employer of over 1700 people, we understand that we have the ability to make a difference to communities both internally and externally.   We are making significant strides in tackling climate action, positively engage with local communities and continue to provide equal opportunities with a culture built upon real diversity & inclusion. 

That said, there is always more to be done and we are the first to acknowledge that we are only just getting started. There is no doubt that it is key to our strategy for the future and it has clearly already played a huge role in our organic growth over the last 5 years.

Our focus on our front-line teams is underpinned by our commitment to successfully integrate supporting technologies to enable us to create safe, secure and hygienic facility services.   Healthy buildings are about more than just the cleaning regime, it's about really understanding both your buildings, how they are used and the people within them.

We invest in the personal development of all of our employees to provide genuine opportunities. Birkin are proud of the success of our leadership development scheme where a number of operational management team have been supported on a structured development programme to take them from part-time cleaning operative to Account Manager.

To ensure the best practices and systems are deployed, we need to continue to invest in our employees and ensure we attract and retain front-line teams. To do this, we know that we must continually strive to do the right thing for both our internal and external communities.

Birkin believe in creating a fairer future for everyone, and this starts with our people. We are passionate about ensuring that everyone on Team Birkin is supported to grow, develop and progress. We are clear about the critical value a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives brings to our business.

Our Guiding Principles act as our ethical code of conduct, helping to guide and inform our behaviour and decision-making at all levels of our business. We continue to focus on building an inclusive and ethical culture where our people understand and take responsibility for maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

Helping society thrive in safe, secure and hygienic environments
Supporting and protecting our clients by using smart building technology, benchmark training and engaging with local communities

For 50 years, Birkin have helped customers operate in safe and hygienic spaces to help businesses thrive, support children’s learning and maintain essential public services when they haven been needed the most such as during the pandemic. Smart building technology facility services have the potential to further protect society by using the data to provide truly bespoke solutions that meet the genuine needs of the modern space.

We take our responsibility seriously – it’s an important mission with exciting possibilities.


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