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There are clean windows and then there are ‘Birkin Clean’ windows. 

Our commercial window cleaning services are growing fast. This allows us to keep your prices competitive. Our national coverage means we will almost certainly be able to assist you. No job is too big!

Window cleaning is not a simple task. It involves our cleaners scaling to great heights, which means a great deal of planning and support from all of the teams. We offer commercial window cleaning services to a whole range of clients, both large and small, and we’re always super excited to get on board with a new project.

Our expertise in large-scale window cleaning can be shown in our services for Whitbread, our largest client. Mobilising & scheduling the national Whitbread window cleaning contract was never going to be easy but we are achieving 89% customer satisfaction in a tough market.

There are over 750 sites across the UK to be cleaned every month, ranging from single storey buildings to 19 storey skyscrapers. The variety of sites is challenging and there are different access methods needed from site to site. They require rope access abseiling, static cradles, specialist access platforms – and some sites even require road closures for night or weekend work. Sounds like thrilling stuff, right?

Our experienced administration and specialist operation team set about developing a realistic scheduling programme covering the entire UK, region by region.

Attendance is monitored using an on-site scanner, and smartphones which feedback via a link to our administration team in Welwyn Garden City.

Whitbread is a challenging but exciting contract and with monthly client-monitored satisfaction scores of 89%, we’re confident that we are providing a quality service on a regular basis.

Whitbread is just one example of how our skilled teams operate. We also provide commercial window cleaning services for many of our existing clients as part of our drive to build long-lasting relationships. We’re always here to help you.

Don’t keep your team in the dark, get your windows cleaned!


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