Deep Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning Services

At Birkin, we have a specialist cleaning division that has the experience, expertise, training and equipment to deliver a full range of deep cleaning services and solutions to help protect your business, staff and customers from COVID-19.


We offer a full range of specialist deep cleaning services including:

  • Precautionary cleaning
  • Sanitisation cleaning
  • Decontamination cleaning

Our specialist deep cleaning team use:

  • Government approved chemicals, equipment and PPE
  • Chemicals that pass BS EN1276 and are not harmful to humans, animals, plants and surfaces, have a pleasant scent
  • The latest in fogging and treatment equipment   

Our treatment approach:

  • Enables facilities to be ready to use after 1 hour
  • Does not require rinsing and the disinfecting effect on surfaces lasts for up to seven days after the fogging service
  • Include precautionary deep cleaning to ensure that our clients are ready for a return to operations
  • Offers on going preventative deep cleaning programmes to provide proactive support in protecting our clients, their staff and customers from the threat of COVID-19.

We offer a range of supporting products including:

  • Sanitisation stations
  • Hand sanitiser products
  • Building entrance anti-microbial tack mats
  • Social distancing floor mats
  • Social distancing floor graphic/printed shoe steps/caution discs
  • Room closure banners


You can find our other specialist services here.


We know how important the well-being of your team is, their safety when returning to work is paramount. Contact us today to see how our deep cleaning services team can support you in the fight against COVID-19.



“I highly recommend Birkin’s services they were quick to respond, well educated in their suggestions and have helped our business return to normal  as quickly as possible”


“Birkin’s specialist team and management delivered a fantastic emergency response service to our fogging requirements, professional,  fast and great value for money"



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